Careem is our go-to app for ride hailing and food delivery. For frequent users of Careem Packages for rides, and CareemNOW for food delivery, read below on how an additional step can save you 3%-4.5% on every purchase.

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Careem rolled out its own Careem Rewards program in November 2018, and has made many positive changes since then, like CareemGold – an exclusive tier for riders who take 15 rides every month.

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Careem also recently replaced the legacy Wallet with CareemPay, their now payment system moving forward. And last week, CareemPay went live on CareemNow, which means your CareemPay balance from the Careem pay app can be used to order on Careem Now.

Summarizing how Careem Rewards and Careem Gold works, you get

  • 20 points per AED 1, then redeemable for AED 15 at 10,000, which means you spent AED 500 to get 10,000 points and got AED 15 cashback: Effectively 3% cashback in points on every transaction made on Careem (excluding Packages)
  • CareemGold: 3 + 1.5 = 4.5% cashback in points for CareemGold members (excluding packages). If you redeem your Careem points for the Gold Exclusive AED 30 for 18,500 points, you effectively get 4.86% cashback. (AED 616.66 spent to get 18,500 points giving you AED 30. 30/616.66 = 4.86%)

When Careem introduced Loyalty Rewards and the “Send Credit to friends” feature, it also enabled earning the same points structure, when you top up your Wallet.
Note: When you top your wallet, you don’t get points on your transactions with older linked programs like Airmiles, or Shukran Rewards or Emirates Skywards, etc.

Now, that we have an idea of how the points structure works, and how topping up the wallet earns you points, here’s how an additional step can help you save 3% or 4.86% when you buy Careem Packages or order through CareemNow.

1) Save on Careem Rides Packages

Careem removed KMS packages in UAE in May 2019. There’s only Rides Packages now, which give you AED 25 worth discounted rides.

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Traditionally, buying Careem Packages directly will not earn you any points. But, any spend to top up the Careem Wallet also qualifies as spend towards Careem Rewards Points.
And Careem Packages can also be bought with Careem Wallet Credit. Note, make sure your button for “Use Credit First” is enabled throughout the app.

So, if you top up your Wallet first, and then use the credit in your wallet to buy the package (which are already discounted rides), you essentially save yourself another ~4.86% (CareemGold) and 3% (non-CareemGold), assuming you redeem your points for Careem credit.

Here’s how your savings will look like every time you buy the Rides Packages with your Wallet credit:

  • 20 Rides for AED 229: 4.86% = AED 11.12, 3% = AED 6.87
  • 10 Rides for AED 124: 4.86% = AED 6.02, 3% = AED 3.72
  • 6 Rides for AED 99: 4.86% = AED 4.81, 3% = AED 2.97
  • 3 Rides for AED 54: 4.86% = AED 2.62, 3% = AED 1.62

For someone who buys the 20 rides package twice every month, you’re saving over AED 23 every month. Yearly, this adds up to AED 276+.

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2) Save on CareemNOW Food Orders

EDIT: 2 weeks after launching, CareemPay (Wallet) was temporarily disabled by CareemNOW. It is still disabled, as of June 23, 2019.

In CareemNOW version 12.5.0 release in the first week of June 2019, the CareemPay Wallet is now accessible on CareemNOW.

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But CareemNOW has no loyalty rewards yet (as of June 2019).

Now, the same concept from Careem Packages can apply here to CareemNOW. If you wish to make a CareemNOW order, check how much the total would cost you. Go to the Careem App, top up your CareemPay wallet with that amount, get the points, then come back to the CareemNOW app, and pay for your order using the CareemPay Wallet balance, and voila you saved an additional 3%-4.86% on your CareemNOW order. This is in addition to any CareeemNOW promo code that you may have used.
Note: Topping up your Wallet in CareemNOW itself does not earn you reward points in Careem. Hence you have to go to the Careem App first.

If you’re someone who orders regularly with CareemNOW at say AED 200 a week, you’re saving an additional AED 10 on every order every week.

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The Catch

Like all good things come to an end, this may also come to an end. Rumor is floating around that Careem may remove the option to earn points on Wallet top-ups in the upcoming months. So, enjoy this while it lasts šŸ™‚

Honestly, this additional cashback makes me move my spend to Careem instead of its competitors. I hope this lasts longer than Iā€™d like.

Did this work for you and help you save? Let us know your thoughts or questions in the comments.

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