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Points, Miles, Rewards, Loyalty Programs, Discounts and maximizing them in Dubai and UAE

About ThePointsHabibi

Hey there, welcome to “ThePointsHabibi” – your one stop guide to maximizing hotel points, airline miles, loyalty programs, rewards in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the Middle East.

Dubai is one of the most visited and traveled tourist destinations in the world. Dubai also hosts a massive number of iconic tourist attractions like the tallest building, the longest zipline, the largest mall etc. Sadly, there was no single blog that outlined every rewards program and ongoing promotions.

This lack of information gave birth to “ThePointsHabibi” 🙂

The goal of ThePointsHabibi is to help you grab the best opportunities to redeeming points and miles and rewards, and also help you plan your travel strategically in and around Dubai and across the region. I will focus on both newbies to travel and people obsessing over points and miles.

Specifically on ThePointsHabibi, you’ll find a good mix of strategy and analysis around:

  • Hotel Loyalty Programs like Marriott Bonvoy, Hilton Honors, World of Hyatt, InterContinental Hotels Group Rewards Club, etc.
  • Airline Miles like Emirates Skywards, FlyDubai Skywards, Etihad Guest etc.
  • Maximizing ridesharing with Careem, Uber etc
  • Lifestyle Rewards programs like The Entertainer, Shukran Rewards, AirMiles, etc.
  • Reviews of various hotels, flights, tourist attractions
  • Travel and Visa related updates
  • Credit Card Strategies

Due to the increase in the travel lifestyle of many individuals around the world, the loyalty programs industry has been constantly evolving and throwing benefits for its loyal members. It’s best to know how they work to make the most of them along the way.

To get started, you can check out the 6 loyalty programs that you must sign up for in Dubai and UAE.

We also have exclusive Promo Codes for your online shopping in UAE and GCC:

  • Entertainer 2021: “ENT240” – 10% off Entertainer Promo Code 🤗
  • H&M UAE & Egypt: “GC374“/”CBA” – 10-20% off H&M Promo Code. 👗
  • NAMSHI: “DD47“/”FUN227” – 15-20% off Namshi Promo Code.
  • Carrefour UAE & Carrefour KSA: “OFF15“/”AE39″/”ON38” – AED 20 off AED 200+ Carrefour Promo Code. 🤗
  • NowNow UAE: “N20″/”FUN49” – 15% off Now Now Promo Code for Groceries at Waitrose, Choitrams, Spinneys, WMart, etc. 🤩
  • Toys R Us: “TRU70” – 10% off Toys R Us Promo Code.
  • FirstCry UAE: “AFE1” – 10% off FirstCry Promo Code.
  • Mumzworld: “ON85” – 10% off Mumzworld Promo Code. 🤱🏻
  • Mamas & Papas: “M106” – 5% off Mamas & Papas Promo Code. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
  • Victoria’s Secret UAE: “HUL” – 10% off Victoria’s Secret Promo Code. 👙
  • American Eagle UAE / KSA / Kuwait: “P7361“ – 15% off, “AE6700“ – 10% off American Eagle Promo Code.
  • Adidas UAE: “AD063” – 10-15% off Adidas Promo Code.
  • FootLocker UAE: “HNM“ – 10% off Foot Locker Promo Code . 👟
  • SIVVI UAE & KSA: “si15” – 35% off SIVVI Promo Code. 40% off above AED 1000 and 50% off above AED 2000. 🥳
  • RIVA Fashion UAE: “YAY154” – 10% off Riva Fashion Promo Code.
  • Hibobi: “AAH59” – 10% off Hibobi Promo Code.
  • AliExpress: “ALEXP142” – $4 off AliExpress Promo Code.
  • SPLASH Fashion UAE: “SE517“ – 10% off Splash Promo Code.
  • Styli UAE and KSA: “BJJ” – 15% off Styli Promo Code.
  • MAX Fashion: “MC172” – 10% off MAX Promo Code.
  • UBuy Worldwide: “Buy11“ – 5% off UBUY Promo Code.
  • “KU49“ – 5% off KUL Promo Code.
  • Noon Egypt – “FRI9” / “FRI10” – 10% off Noon Promo Code.
  • 1Zillion KSA: “Z139” – 10% off 1Zillion Promo Code.
  • BioBox UAE: “dcm21389” – 10% off BioBox Promo Code.
  • Eyewa: “DCM961” – 10% off Eyewa Promo Code. 👀
  • Vogacloset: “EHZ” – 15% off Vogacloset Promo Code.
  • ACE Hardware: “ACH92” – 10% off ACE Promo Code.
  • Deliveroo: “AEDLVR12” – AED 10 credit Deliveroo Promo Code.

If you’ve reached all the way here, thanks for hearing me out and hope you enjoy and benefit reading ThePointsHabibi.

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