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UAE Overstay Fine Calculator

Whether you’re in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah or any Emirate in the United Arab Emirates, (UAE) if you’re not a UAE Citizen, you are on a visa, mostly a tourist visa (or visitor visa or visa on arrival), or an employment (or residence visa). Here is a handy UAE Overstay Fine Calculator.

The most important question that visitors or residents in UAE face, is whether you have to pay an overstay fine when exiting the country or changing jobs. An overstay fine applies when you have finished the validity of your visa, and the grace period has ended. To find out the exact date when your visa is valid until, read our other post to determine your visa expiry date from UAE’s Ministry of Interior Government portal. That date will give you a head start to our UAE Overstay Fine Calculator.

UAE Overstay Fine Charges

The UAE Government has listed different overstay fines for visitors and residents, updated on January 23, 2020.

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Summarizing the charges here to calculate exactly:

  • Tourist Visa / Visitor Visa / Visa on Arrival
  • Employment Visa / Residence Visa
    • 30 day grace period (Find expiry date including your grace period using your passport number). Note: it is up to the immigration officer at exit to honor the grace period, or you may have to pay for it per day.
    • AED 125 for the first day after the grace period
    • AED 25 per day after the first day up to 6 months
    • AED 50 per day from the 6th month up to 12 months
    • AED 100 per day after 12 months

In general, you should not be overstaying your visa, since you can run a risk of deportation and might be banned from re-entering UAE in the future.

Other Options in case your tourist visa is expiring/has expired

In case, you realize that you’re tourist or visitor visa is expiring soon, but you have to stay longer, you can do the following to renew your visa:

  1. Renew your Tourist Visa on Arrival Online for AED 600 – AED 800 (valid for some countries)
  2. Go for a Visa Run to exit and re-enter UAE (valid for some countries). (Read my experience of a Visa Run with GoToursDubai)
  3. Go to an Amer Centre in-person and renew it
  4. Actually fly out and fly back in.

Do you have any questions about your visa overstay? Let us know in the comments.

Note: ThePointsHabibi is not a qualified immigration or legal counsel. Please consult with accredited lawyers for your specific visa needs.

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