Air Arabia, the Middle East and North Africa’s first and largest Low Cost Carrier (LCC), flies to over 170 destinations spread across the Middle East, North Africa, Asia and Europe. Last week, I was traveling with Air Arabia, and I needed to get to Sharjah airport from Dubai. I then found out about Air Arabia Shuttle / Coach services from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Ras Al Khaimah to Sharjah International Airport (SHJ). Let’s take a look at the schedules and prices, booking options and my review of the Air Arabia’s shuttle service.

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Air Arabia Shuttle – Schedules and Prices

1) Air Arabia Shuttle between Dubai and Sharjah Airport

Pickup/Dropoff Point in Dubai: Al Ghurair Centre
Price: AED 20 each way

Departing from
Al Ghurair

Centre, Dubai
Arriving at
Sharjah Airport
Departing from
Sharjah Airport
Arriving at
Al Ghurair

Centre, Dubai

2) Between Abu Dhabi and Sharjah Airport

Pickup/dropoff Point in Abu Dhabi: Air Arabia City Check-in (Between Electra Street and Muroor road next to Lifeline hospital behind Our GSA Advanced Travel & Tourism), Abu Dhabi
Price: AED 40 each way

Departing from
Abu Dhabi
Arriving at
Sharjah Airport
Departing from
Sharjah Airport
Arriving at
Abu Dhabi

3) Between Al Ain and Sharjah Airport

Pickup/Drop off point in Al Ain: Air Arabia Sales Shop (Oud Al Touba Street), Al Ain
Price: AED 40 each way

Departing from
Al Ain
Arriving at
Sharjah Airport
Departing from
Sharjah Airport
Arriving at
Al Ain

4) Between Ras Al Khaimah and Sharjah Airport

Pickup / Drop off point in Ras Al Khaimah: Air Arabia Sales Shop (Oman road), Ras Al Khaimah
Price: AED 30 each way

Departing from
Ras Al
Arriving at
Sharjah Airport
Departing from
Sharjah Airport
Arriving at
Ras Al

The latest shuttle schedules and prices can be accessed here.

Air Arabia Shuttle – Booking Options

It is best to book your shuttle in advance since it can get sold out or full on the day of your flight. Here are the options to make a shuttle booking:

1) While Booking your Flight

This is an option that I really like, but it can work for one-way only. You can now search your flight from your pickup point, say Al Ghurair Centre, Dubai to your destination airport, and the shuttle price, in this case AED 20, will be added to your flight cost and you will be confirmed for the shuttle booking in your flight ticket.

air arabia shuttle service coach bus al ghurair centre dubai sharjah international airport shj booking website cost price dirhams thepointshabibi

2) In-Person at your city check-in centre, say Al-Ghurair Centre, Dubai

Another option if you haven’t booked it along with your flight is to visit the Al Arabia City check-in centre at Al Ghurair Centre, Dubai and pay in-person. You can book in advance or hours before your flight if it’s not full already. They accept GCC issued Visa, Mastercard Credit/Debit Cards and Cash. You need your flight confirmation number to make this booking. Make sure to keep the payment receipt to show the bus driver. The office itself does not accept phone bookings.

3) On the Phone With Air Arabia Customer Support (AED 20 extra)

Another option is to call Air Arabia customer support at +971-6-5580000 to make the shuttle booking. The Customer Service representative I spoke to said that there will be a phone booking fee of an additional AED 20 each way.

My Review of the Air Arabia Shuttle

1) Booking my Shuttle at Air Arabia Sales Centre at Al Ghurair Centre

To book my shuttle in advance, since I wasn’t sure if it was going to be sold out, I drove up there to Al Ghurair Centre. Parking at Al Ghurair Centre is free for the first 4 hours on weekdays, and free on weekends and public holidays.

air arabia al ghurair centre deira dubai parking fees hours weekdays weekends free review united arab emirates uae thepointshabibi

The Air Arabia Sales Centre is located opposite the entrance to the parking, or across Max’s. (Note: it is not inside Al Ghurair Centre).

air arabia al ghurair centre deira dubai city checkin cozmo travel shuttle bus coach service review sales uae thepointshabibi

It is open daily from 9am – 10pm.

air arabia sales shop working hours times timings cozmo travel review al ghurair centre deira dubai uae

Inside, they also have an area to wrap and check-in your bags.

air arabia sales shop al ghurair centre city checkin luggage wrap review deira dubai uae

It wasn’t very busy on a weekday afternoon, and I was helped immediately. They located my reservation and added shuttle service to it each-way. it also tells you the shuttle time automatically. I was about to pay AED 40 in cash but for some reason, the system showed my return as AED 21, so I ended up paying AED 41. The agent asked me to be there 30 minutes before my scheduled shuttle time.

2) Day of my Flight

My shuttle from Dubai to Sharjah Airport was at 8:30pm, so I took the Metro and got off at Union Metro Station. It is a 10minute walk from there.

When I reached, there were already many people waiting inside, while some were checking-in their luggage.

air arabia city checkin check in fees aed 16 al ghurair centre deira uae thepointshabibi

I showed my payment receipt and the guy at the luggage check-in asked me to wait for the bus driver.

At 8:20, the bus driver asked all of us us to start walking towards the bus which was parked outside the restaurant Atisuto.

air arabia bus coach express review night travel deira uae thepointshabibi

The bus is a 25-seater bus, and it was almost full in an off-peak season.

air arabia express shuttle bus coach service al ghurair centre dubai sharjah airport shj review united arab emirates uae

We were all seated, and the bus departed sharp at 8:30pm. We arrived 30 minutes earlier by 9:00pm (the estimated time of arrival at Sharjah Airport was 9:30pm).

3) Return Trip from Sharjah Airport to Al Ghurair Centre

My return flight was supposed to land at 6:30am but I was delayed by over an hour due to foggy weather. Weather cleared up later, and I got a nice picture in-flight.

air arabia sky wing livery review uae thepointshabibi

I was scheduled for the 7am shuttle, but I arrived at 7:40am, so I wasn’t sure if I could board the next shuttle at 8am. I had no check-in luggage, and I breezed through the Smart Gates with Face Scan at Sharjah Airport and exited the airport by 7:55am. The buses were waiting outside on the right near the taxis.

air arabia shuttle coach bus al ain dubai abu dhabi ras al khaimah schedule time timing hours departure arrival review sharjah airport shj uae thepointshabibi

One was heading to Al Ain, and the other one to Dubai.

air arabia express bus coach shj united arab emirates review uae thepointshabibi

The bus was empty, there was only one passenger but he had stepped out.

bus minibus coach seat seating service review at sharjah airport shj uae thepointshabibi

The driver said we’d leave by 8am and it could take a long time due to morning rush hour traffic from Sharjah to Dubai. But there were more people expected, so the bus waited for them and actually departed at 8:25am. We arrived at Al Ghurair Centre, Dubai around 9:15am.

4) Checked my Points on Air Arabia’s AirRewards Loyalty Program

If you are not an Air Rewards member yet, you should register here. I knew my flight purchase would get me points on AirRewards, but even the shuttle service accumulated points (see image below).

air arabia airrewards rewards loyalty program flight miles points member activity g9 shj uae thepointshabibi


This shuttle service by Air Arabia between Dubai and Sharjah airport was really convenient and cost efficient compared to a taxi or Uber/Careem. Air Arabia has amazing fares to India and Europe. I’m happy Air Arabia has this option, and it makes it easier for passengers to consider flying with them.

What do you think of the shuttle and this review? Let us know your thoughts and questions in the comments.

Image Credit: All images are copyright of Air Arabia and The Points Habibi.

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