Let me start by saying that I’m a regular Uber and Careem user with over AED 2000 in spend per month.

And while I love both the apps, and this post is not about which one is better, it’s more about knowing when to use one over the other exclusively.

Here are the top 6 reasons when I choose one over the other:


1) Multiple Stops: Winner – Uber

It often happens that you’d like to make multiple stops across the city. Technically, you can use both to do it, but in Uber it is simplified by you specifying the stops beforehand thus making your ride hassle-free. You can set upto a maximum or 2 stops and 1 destination (total 3) within the Uber app. Careem’s iOS app does not seem to support it but you can however set it using Careem’s web-application on your desktop/laptop.

2) Airport Pickup with lots of passengers and luggage:  Winner – CareemMax

If you arrive at Dubai airport with lots of luggage and people, Careem Max is the best option you have, since UberXL does not work at the airport.
Edit: UberXL is now supported at the airport, and is priced the same as CareemMAX.

2) DXB Airport Pickup: Winner – CareemGO

If you’re looking for an affordable pickup from Dubai International Airport (DXB), CareemGO is your best option (unless you decide to take the metro), since UberX is not available for pickups from DXB.

3) Long Distance trips from Dubai: Winner – UberX

You can use both Uber and Careem to take rides to Abu Dhabi, Al Ain or Ras Al Khaimah. But if you check the price of the ride on the app, UberX (non-surge) is always AED 60-80 cheaper than Careem. This is because CareemGo always prices long distance rides at CareemEconomy prices.

Example: AED 250 on UberX vs AED 330 on CareemGo, from Dubai to Abu Dhabi.

4) Cashback and Loyalty Rewards: Winner – Careem

Careem always had loyalty program partners and also piloted its own Rewards Program in November 2018. So, you effectively get cash back rewards and points with its loyalty partners at the same time. (Double dip ftw!)

While Uber also announced its own loyalty rewards in November 2018, too bad, that it was only for select cities in the US.

Read more: Careem launches Careem Rewards and Careem Gold

5) Surge Pricing: Winner – Careem

This is a tough one, but regular users like me always find Careem’s surge pricing lower than Uber. It also happens sometimes that while UberX is surge pricing, CareemGo does not even have a surge. Always take a look at CareemGo’s prices before you give UberX a shot.

6) Child Safety: Winner – Careem

It’s really good to know that Careem added a CareemKids option for cars with 1 fitted car seat. They really care for child safety even when the car seat law is not thoroughly enforced within Dubai. I always wonder why Uber never added this option, especially in the US where it’s just NOT possible to drive your kid around without a car seat.

I also added a wishlist of 7 most needed features for Uber and Careem in Dubai.

Which ones do you choose when you take a ride? Uber or Careem?