Careem has been on a roll in the last few months, specially for loyalty program and rewards hobbyists.

It always had points earnings with legacy partners, and last November it also introduced its own Rewards Program called Careem Rewards, effectively earning you at least 3% cashback (Careem Rewards is also featured in our 6 Loyalty Programs to sign up for in Dubai and UAE). Careem also recently added user ratings on its app, and introduced Roadside Assistance for only AED 100 for people who already have a car and rarely use Careem. And Careem then launched its food delivery app Careem Now (rebranded from RoundMenu).

And now, it’s super exciting that Careem launched it newest reward tier called “Careem Gold”.

What is “Careem Gold”?

For every 15 rides you take in a month on Careem, you achieve Careem Gold status with loaded benefits for the next 2 months. (kinda like UberVIP, but Careem Gold benefits are valid for 2 months).

careem gold

Your Careem Gold status is also valid in every country that Careem operates in. Isn’t that awesome for frequent travelers?

Note: RTA Taxi rides in Dubai and BUS rides in Egypt do not count towards Gold Status.

Benefits of Careem Gold

Careem’s already loaded with benefits like I mentioned above, but with Careem Gold, they have taken rewards to a whole new level. Listed below are the benefits if you achieve Careem Gold (which you definitely should aim for)

Benefits of Careem Gold

1. Bonus Points

Careem is now giving you 50% more points every time you spend with Careem, if you achieve Careem Gold. With 3% cashback through Careem Rewards, and double dipping points with legacy partners like Emirates Skywards, now we get even more points. With 50% more bonus points, we effectively get 4.5% cashback per ride plus other benefits. Woot woot!

Note: Careem Packages are not applicable to earn reward points

2. Exclusive Offers

Careem already runs promotions and promo codes for its riders. But, now with Careem Gold, it’ll give you even more offers and incentives to ride with Careem. Yay, more promo codes for Careem Gold. Bring them on, we can’t wait 🙂

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3. Priority Support

Careem already offers amazing Careem WhatsApp support, but now Careem is taking it a notch further by giving their Careem Golds priority customer service across all their offerings. Careem is really making it sticky for Careem loyalists to not look outside any more 😉

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

careem gold faq
Careem Gold FAQs


Careem’s latest initiative Careem Gold is the icing on the cake for all Careem riders across the world. Even if you’re an occasional Careem rider, it definitely makes sense to take 15 rides to achieve Careem Gold status. Yalla! #BeCareem. Check your Careem app now to see if you made Careem Gold in January, valid until April.

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What do you think of the new Careem Gold Tier Status? Let us know in the comments

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