Careem is our go-to ride hailing app in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). If you haven’t yet signed up for Careem, use a friend’s referral link to sign up and get AED 20 credit. #BeCareem (Note: You have to be a new user signing up using your friend’s link to create your account to receive the credit). Careem has a number of ongoing promo codes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Alert: Careem launches Careem Gold - a new rewards tier 

Also, don’t forget to attach your loyalty partners and redeem Careem Rewards in the app. Careem Rewards is featured in our 6 loyalty programs that you must sign up for in Dubai. You can also use your international credit card on Careem. Make sure you know these 10 things before you use an international credit card in Dubai and UAE.

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For the food delivery app Careem NOW Promo Codes in Dubai, check our up-to-date Careem NOW Promo Codes list for Dubai.

Here are a list of all currently active / valid (and previously valid) Careem Promo Codes, Discounts and Coupons in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Share your promo codes in the comments, and we’ll add it to the list with your name 🙂

*Note: Some Careem Promo Codes in Dubai are targeted for specific users.

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Ongoing Careem Promo Codes Dubai

Bank specific Promo Codes:

  1. MC1RIDE / MASTERCARD – Platinum/World/World Elite Mastercard Holders: First ride free with MC1RIDE and 20% off 3 rides every month with “MASTERCARD”, and pay with your Mastercard Credit Card. (Mastercard Terms & Conditions)
  2. NAJM20 – Najm Card Holders: 20% off 3 rides every month. Use Code “NAJM20“, and pay with your Najm Credit Card. (Najm Terms & Conditions)
  3. RAKBANK40 and RAKBANK20 – First time Careem users get 40% off their first 3 rides with the promo code RAKBANK40, max discount AED 25 /ride for the first 3 rides. Existing Careem users get 20% off 3 rides every month on Careem with the promo code RAKBANK20, max discount AED 15/ride. Payments must be made with a RAKBANK card. Valid until 31st May 2019, or 30th June 2019 for some cardholders.
    (RAKBANK Terms and Conditions of the Offer).
    RAKTHEARENA – [RAKBANK] 30% off rides to/from the new Coca Cola Area when you pay with your RAKBANK card. View offer details here.
  4. UAEVI and UAEVS – Free Airport rides for Visa Infinite Card holders and Visa Signature Card holders. Valid for rides to/from DXB, DWC and AUH airports. Max AED 100 / ride. See offer details by Visa Middle East here. Applies to many banks like Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) and Emirates Islamic Bank.
  5. UAEVI50 – 50% off 4 Careem Airport Rides per month on Visa Infinite card holders. Valid until Dec 31, 2019. Must add your Visa infinite card to Careem before using this promo code.
  6. HSBC – 15% off 4 rides every month. Valid for payments with HSBC Credit and Debit Cards. Max discount AED 10/ride. Not valid on CareemGO. Also, use the code “HSBCHOME” for 15% off 4 rides in your home country outside UAE, applicable in Turkey, Bahrain, Egypt, Pakistan, Morocco, Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine (Read offer details here)
  7. LIVITUP and LIVITUP15 – For LIV Bank users, get a free first ride with the code LIVITUP, if you’re a new user on Careeem and 15% off 4 rides every month with LIVITUP15. Must pay with your LIV Bank card. Posted on @livbank Instagram here.

Location specific and other ongoing promo codes:

FLYDWC – 25% off all rides to and from the Al Maktoum International Dubai World Central (DWC) Airport. Max discount AED 25/ride. Applies to all car types except Careem Box and Roadside Assistance. (perfect for visitors to Dubai South and the Dubai Expo 2020). Posted publicly by Careem UAE on Facebook.

JBR – 20% off your rides to/from the location “Jumeirah Beach Residence” (JBR). Max use: 4 rides / month. Max discount AED 15/ride. Posted in public at JBR (see image below) and by JBR’s Official Facebook Page.

careem promo code dubai united arab emirates uae jbr jumeirah beach residence the walk united arab emirates thepointshabibi

SOUK – 35% off rides to “Souk Madinat Jumeirah”. Max 4 rides / month. Posted in public at Souk Madinat Jumeirah (see image below).

careem promo code dubai united arab emirates uae souk madinat jumeirah united arab emirates thepointshabibi

DIFC – 20% off 4 Careem rides every month to Dubai International Finance Centre (DIFC). Max discount AED 40/ride. Posted in Public at DIFC (see image below)

careem promo code dubai international finance centre difc dubai uae discount offer

GATEAVENUE – 35% off 10 Careem rides every month to Gate Avenue at DIFC. Max discount AED 50/ride. Posted in public at Gate Avenue at DIFC (see image below)

careem promo code gate avenue difc dubai uae

DAMACHILLS – 20% off rides to “Damac Hills”. Max 4 rides / month. Posted in public at Damac Hills (See image below).

careem promo code dubai damac hills uae united arab emirates thepointshabibi

SAVVY – 20% off all rides to locations in Dubai South like Dubai South HQ, Aloft Dubai South, DWC Airport etc. Max discount AED 25/ride. Posted on the popular Aviation and Travel Website

BARASTI – 50% off all rides to and from the location “Barasti“. Max discount AED 40/ride. Posted publicly on Barasti Daily Deals.

ATELIERM – 30% off 6 rides every month to/from the location Pier 7 in Dubai Marina. Max discount AED 20/ride. Valid on Economy, Business, Kids and Max. Posted publicly by AtelierM on AterlierMDubai’s Instagram.

CHEEKYTIKI – 40% off your rides to/from the location “Trader Vic’s” at The Walk JBR every Friday for their Friday Cheeky Tiki Brunch from 12:30pm-4pm. Posted publicly on Trader Vic’s Facebook Page.

MYGPRIDE – 40% off all rides to and from the location “Grand Plaza Movenpick Media City”. Max discount AED 25/ride. Max 4 uses/month. Posted on Facebook and publicly on Verve Dubai’s Instagram Home Page.

NOMADSUNITE – 40% off your rides to the location “Playa Nomade” in Rixos The Palm Dubai for their Friday and Saturday brunch. Posted publicly on their website

STARSNBARS – 40% off your ride to/from the location “Stars N Bars” in La Mer. Posted publicly on the StarsNBars Instagram Page.

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First Time Users / New User

NEWTOUAE – [New HSBC Card Holders] AED 20 off 3 rides in UAE, when paying with a HSBC Credit or Debit card. Posted publicly by HSBC here.

Sabine303 – [New Users] 30% off your first 3 rides in Dubai. Not valid on Careem Go, Box and Roadside Assistance. Thanks to the popular food blogger Sabine Khoury for this code in her public Instagram Post. Follow her on Instagram here.

November 2019

Flash Sale AlertNew Careem Rides Package Promo Code posted by Emirates NBD Deals, ends Nov 10

DXBDW – 30% off rides to / from any location in the Dubai Design District for the Dubai Design Week until Nov 16. Max discount AED 30/ride. Posted by Careem UAE on Facebook.

TASTEOFAUH – 100% credit back for 3 rides to/from the Yas Island, Abu Dhabi for the global event Taste of Abu Dhabi happening at the du Arena. Valid from Nov 7-9. Maximum credit capped at AED 60 / ride. Credits valid for 7 days upon redemption. Posted by The Taste of Abu Dhabi.

TMS19 – 20% off rides to The Mining Show at Festival Arena, Dubai. Max discount AED 20/ride. Valid on Nov 5 and Nov 6. Posted by The Mining Show.

BSWW2019 – 30% to/from the Kite Beach for the Intercontinental Beach Soccer Cup 2019 from Nov 5 – Nov 9. Max discount AED 20/ride. Thanks to our reader MA for this code.

IPHONE11PRO – [No Discount] Ride with the promo code “IPHONE11PRO” to be entered in a chance to win 1 out of 7 new iPhones. Valid until Oct 31. Winners will be announced on Nov 3. See offer details posted publicly on Careem UAE’s Facebook here.

careem iphone 11 pro iphone11pro code promotion giveaway

CODMW – 20% discount on Schedule “Later” Careem rides with this code to win Call Of Duty Modern Warfare. Posted on Careem’s Facebook. See details in the image below.

careem promo code call of duty modern warfare ps4 dubai uae

October 2019

PINKTOBER – 20% off your next ride with Careem. Valid from 10am-4pm. Max discount AED 20.

DIWALI19 – 30% off 1 ride. Max discount AED 20. Valid on Oct 27 only.

HALADIWALI – [No Discount] Take Hala (Taxi) rides with this code to be entered in a draw to win a free week of Hala rides. Valid until Oct 27.

careem promo code hala diwali taxi free ride dubai uae

CASHBACK16 / CASHBACK18 – [Dubai, targeted for some users] 50% / 80% credit back in your CareemPay wallet on 10 rides by Oct 19. Maximum credit back AED 30/ride. Credit is valid for 4 days.

MM267 / AA193 – 30% off your Hala Taxi rides on the Careem App. Valid once per account. Max discount AED 15/ride. Limited time only. 

EMINEM – [No discount] Take 8 rides with the code EMINEM before October 23. 10 winners will be selected on October 24 but only 2 with the highest number of rides will be offered Golden Circle Tickets for Eminem’s live concert in Abu Dhabi on October 25, 2019. Valid on these car types – Economy, Careem Kids and Max in Dubai/Abu Dhabi, and Business in Dubai and Limo in Abu Dhabi.

DICxCAREEM – 30% off rides to GITEX at Dubai World Trade Centre. Posted by CareemUAE’s Instagram Story.

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Summary – Careem Promo Codes Dubai

That was a list of all Careem Promo Codes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Hope this helped you save on your Careem rides in UAE.

Were you targeted for any of these? Did the Promo Codes work for you? Let us know in the comments.

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