Dubai is home to over 3 million residents and millions of visitors throughout the year. Dubai is also home to many loyalty programs.

Remember, loyalty programs and reward programs are marketing dollars (or dirhams) spent to effectively keep you “loyal” towards the brand. It motivates you to spend more to reach a goal, and save more too. If you are someone who doesn’t care about reward points or makes only one purchase per merchant, then loyalty programs are not for you. But, if you anyways spend at merchants that have loyalty programs, why not maximize the potential to save along the way.

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Save Money in Dubai

We, at ThePointsHabibi analyzed all the different reward programs in Dubai and identified the top 6 loyalty programs that you must sign up for when residing or visiting Dubai to help you earn no-brainer cashback or rewards with the least amount of effort:

  1. Shukran Rewards – Automatic cashback for spend
  2. Careem Rewards – Automatic rewards for Ridesharing (ProTip: Double Dip with Shukran Rewards and Careem Gold) (Read ThePointsHabibi’s detailed analysis here)
  3. Beam App (Use Code UKBHPEE to get AED 10) – Automatic Cashback across merchants. Needs a Visa or Mastercard [Update: Phasing out and moving to Share Rewards soon]
  4. Carrefour MyClub – Automatic Cashback for Grocery. Also get 20% off every Tuesday on Carrefour Brands. (Edit in June 2019: Beam App temporarily excludes Carrefour from earning cashback) [Update: Transferable to Share Rewards]
  5. Vox Cinemas Rewards – Earn Points on Movies. 10 movies gets you a free ticket (Edit in June 2019: Beam App temporarily excludes Vox from earning cashback) [Update: Transferable to Share Rewards]
  6. RTA’s nol Plus – Automatic cashback for Parking, Metro, Transit and Dubai Taxi, works with Apple Pay too.

While these are the top 6 no-brainer loyalty programs which earn you rewards faster, there are a few other reward programs that deserve a mention and you must sign up for them anyway, but they might earn you rewards slower than the others, depending on your lifestyle and spend habits.

Not to forget the infamous 1+1 offers, and other flat discount apps:

And also our favorite Hotel Points Loyalty Programs

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Which is your favorite loyalty program? Or is there a rewards program that you think should make this list? Let us know in the comments.

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