Dubai is home to over 3 million residents from all over the world. Dubai is also one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in. It is also classified among the most popular tourist attractions in the whole world. But most residents and families in Dubai are also living paycheck to paycheck and hardly ever get to save.

Alert: See the list of 100+ changes to Emirates flights due to the runway closure at DXB from 16th April to 30th May 2019.

Meet “Dirham Stretcher”

Dirham Stretcher, a Facebook group created in 2016, was Dubai’s first ever Facebook group that was solely created with the intention to help you save in Dubai. The group boasts a remarkable achievement of over 7k helpful and likeminded members each with a focus to literally stretch that Dirham to its full potential, and some amazing tips to help you be thrifty and frugal. This group was also recently featured in UAE’s leading newspaper The National.

dirham stretcher

Goals of Dirham Stretcher

Since the group’s intention is to maximize your savings potential in your spending in Dubai, here are the 9 main areas that you can be sure to get instant value by joining the group:

  1. Sales, Discounts and Offers
    • Beauty and Fashion
    • Kids Toys
    • Home Shopping
    • Food & Restaurants
    • Garage Sales
    • Many more
  2. Weekly Coupons for Groceries (Carrefour, Lulu, etc) (Read more: 20% off Tuesdays – 20 items that you shouldn’t miss)
  3. Best and FREE Activities for Kids around Dubai
  4. Best and affordable Recommendations on Home Services
  5. Online Shopping – Coupons and Referrals for your purchases
  6. Ridesharing Promo Codes (Careem, Uber, etc) (see our list of all active Careem Promo codes)
  7. Tourist Attractions Discounts
  8. Rewards Programs (Read more: 6 loyalty programs that you must sign up for in Dubai)
  9. Sustainability and Go Green Initiatives to save the planet

Group Admin and Rules

Since the group has now surpassed 7K members, the content is mainly moderated by its awesome admins – Selma A., and Jessica G. They make sure that the content posted is relevant, and also make sure to weed out all spam and remove any members not adhering to the rules. Feel free to contact them if you have any specific questions about the group.

Why Wait, Join NOW!

In the time you read this article, you may have already missed a couple of offers discussed on the group. Don’t wait and head over there right now. Here’s the direct link to join the Facebook Group: “Dirham Stretcher” (make sure you’re logged in to Facebook)

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