If you haven’t yet signed up for Careem, you should, it is our go-to Super App in Dubai and UAE . Also read the 3 must-do things when you sign up for Careem. Edit in 2020: Note, this post was published in Jan 2019 when Careem Rewards had just launched in November 2018. The rewards program has evolved since then, and has become better than ever before

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In case you missed it, iPhone users were presented with an in-app native Careem Rewards tab in their menu starting in the first week of November 2018. It caught my eye almost the same week it was rolled out.

What made me instantly happy was that they calculated spend starting October 15, 2018. Me being a regular user of Careem, I instantly had over 30K “Careem Rewards”.

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What is the new “Careem Rewards” program?

For every AED 1 you spend on Careem, you get 20 Careem Rewards Points.

It also applies to the the money you use to top up your wallet.

Note: Money spent on Careem Packages does not accumulate Rewards Points. Also, spend on their Food Delivery App CareemNOW does not apply.

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Where can I redeem my Careem Rewards Points?

What I really like about Careem are its initiatives and values to giving back to the community, Their Rewards Redemptions also reflects its core values.


2,500   Points – Feed a Child for 1 day

2,500   Points – Help a Refugee with Cooking Gas

6,000   Points – Teach a child for 1 day

10,000 Points – Help a Refugee with the essentials

12,500 Points – Donate a textbook

15,000 Points – Feed a Child for 1 week

Discounts and Credits

10,000   Points – AED 15 Credit in the Careem Wallet

When do Points expire?

Points expire every 6-12 months.

Points earned between

1st January – 30th June: Expire on 31st December of the same year.

1st July – 31st December: Expire on 30th June of the following year.

Double Dip:

Remember, you’re also still earning with Careem’s Legacy Loyalty Partners on the app:

Emirates Skywards


Shukran Rewards


Etisalat Smiles

If you haven’t yet set this on your app, do it under Settings -> Loyalty Program right NOW.

My Analysis:

I’m really stoked to see Careem race its competitor to launch its own rewards program right here in Dubai. To be honest, it has slightly increased my loyalty towards Careem 😉

But how much is it really worth?

You cannot put a point value on the donation redemptions and it’s a really easy way to do good and give back.

But, if you had to calculate its worth based on the credit redemption option, it would take you spending AED 500 to get 10,000 Points which is AED 15. Thus, you’re effectively getting 3% cashback on your spend. And it’s awesome that you can double dip with its legacy partners. (And triple dip with your credit card spend – A few US credit cards also offer 2x and 3x on Travel and Ridesharing, like the Chase World of Hyatt Credit Card, Chase Sapphire Reserve and Chase Sapphire Preferred)

In the future, when Careem rolls it out across the board, I would love to see more options for point redemptions. And in the long run, it would be great if they also come up with a tiered rewards program that will give you monthly status  like Silver, Gold, Platinum and benefits based on that status for the next month.

Let me know in the comments what loyalty features would you like to see in Careem? Or what feature would make you use the Careem app more often?

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