Carriage is a cool food delivery service in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with service in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Ajman. Carriage is operating in 6 countries as of February 2019. Carriage also has a promo code per restaurant on its app in Dubai and other cities.

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  • NAMSHI: 15-20% off with the Namshi Promo Code β€œDD47β€œ/”FUN227“.
  • Carrefour UAE & Carrefour KSA: AED 20 off AED 200+ with the promo code “OFF15“/”AE39″/”ON38“.
  • NowNow UAE: 15% off with the Now Now Promo Code β€œN20β€œ. 🀩
  • FirstCry UAE: 10% off with the FirstCry Promo Code “AFE2“.
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  • Mamas & Papas: 5% off with the Mamas & Papas Promo Code “M106“. πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦
  • Pottery Barn Kids: 10% off with the Pottery Barn Kids Promo Code β€œPKADD5β€œ. πŸ‘Ά
  • Pottery Barn UAE: 15% off with the Pottery Barn Promo Code β€œA036β€œ.
  • Victoria’s Secret UAE: 10% off with the Victoria’s Secret Promo Code β€œHULβ€œ. πŸ‘™
  • American Eagle UAE & GCC: 10% off with the AmericanEagle Promo Code β€œAE6700β€œ. 15% off discounted/sale items with the AE promo code β€œP7361β€œ.
  • Adidas UAE – 10-15% off with the promo code “AD063“.
  • SIVVI UAE & KSA – 35% off with the SIVVI Promo Code “si15“. 40% off above AED 1000 and 50% off above AED 2000. πŸ₯³
  • RIVA Fashion UAE – 10% off with the Riva Fashion Promo Code “YAY154
  • Faces UAE: 12% off with the FACES Promo Code β€œCOOL791” πŸ’„ (brand exemptions: L’Occitane, Makeup Forever, Dior, Chanel, Guess).
  • Hibobi: 10% off with the Hibobi Promo Code β€œAAH59β€œ.
  • SPLASH Fashion UAE: 10% off with the Splash Promo Code β€œSE517β€œ.
  • Styli UAE and KSA – 15% off with the Styli Promo Code β€œBJJβ€œ.
  • MAX Fashion: 10% off with the MAX Promo Code “MC172“.
  • UBuy Worldwide: 5% off with the UBUY Promo Code β€œBuy11β€œ.
  • 5% off using the KUL Promo Code β€œKU49β€œ.
  • FootLocker UAE: 10% off with the Foot Locker Promo Code β€œHNMβ€œ. πŸ‘Ÿ
  • Noon Egypt – 10% off with the Noon Promo Code “FRI9” / “FRI10
  • Boots Pharmacy – 10% off with the Boots Promo Code “B6865“.
  • 1Zillion KSA – 10 % off with the 1Zillion Promo Code “Z139“.
  • Bath & Body Works UAE, BBW Kuwait and BBW Egypt: 10% off with the BBW Promo code β€œBW954β€œ/”R070” (also applies on BOGO/Sale Items).

Delivery charges for Carriage start at AED 6. Carriage also introduced Carriage Black at AED 20 for unlimited food delivery in UAE.

Carriage is available to download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

carriage food delivery app promo code discount deals offers coupons
Carriage Food Delivery – Download now

Here is a list of all active and valid Carriage Promo Codes, Deals, Discounts, Offers and Coupons for Carriage UAE.

Note: A specific Carriage promo code may be targeted to some users, and may not apply to all users.

Ongoing Carriage Promo Codes / Offers

MON50 – 50% off all orders unto AED 110. Max discount AED 55. Limited Time on Monday 18th March, order now.

March Offer – With every order, enter to win AED 1,000. 3 Winners daily

SHA50 – 50% off – Shake Away Promo Code

KZ50 – 50% off – Karaz Promo Code

BK50 – 50% off – Bok Bok Promo Code

WB50 – 50% off – Wok Boyz Carriage Promo Code Dubai

GY20 – AED 20 off – Gypsy Carriage Promo Code Dubai

KN30 – 30% off – Kaakunada Carriage Promo Code Dubai

BOO20 – 20% – Booster Juice Carriage Promo Code Dubai

Y20 – 20% off – Yawmi Promo Code

BAC20 – 20% off – Buns and Cones Loaded Promo Code

TSD30 – 30% off – The Sandwich District Promo Code

PH20 – 20% off – Potato Hut Promo Code

US10 – 10% off all order from Urban Seafood

GL20 – 20% off – Glazed Promo Code

CH25 – 25% off all orders from Chandelier Lebanese Restaurant & Lounge

PZ20 – 20% off all – Pizzaro Promo Code

PIZZ20 – 20% off all – Pizzaro Promo Code

TIM20 – 20% off – Tim Hortons Promo Code

DD20 – 20% off all orders from Doner Deli

NAW20 – 20% off all orders from Nawab

MT20 – 20% off orders from Meal Top

FZ20 – 20% off on orders from Freez

YC15 – 15% off all orders from The Yellow Chilli

ID20 – 20% off orders from Indiana Delights

MN20 – 20% off – Manoushe W Nos Promo Code

TCB20 – 20% off orders from The Carving Board

VBT20 – 20% off orders from Villa Beirut

Z30 – 30% off Orders from Zaiqa Restaurant

MAZ20 – 20% off orders from Mazah Restaurant

MQ30 – 30% off all orders from Mighty Quinn’s Barbecue

PR30 – 30% off and AED 6 cashback on orders from Caffe Prego

GG30 – 30% off and AED 6 cashback on orders from Grills Garage

KRZ30 – 30% off and AED 6 cashback on orders from Karaz From Beirut

LOVEBAE – 50% off all orders on February 16th.

SPH50 – 50% off orders from Spheerz. Valid until 22nd January.

Are you a regular user of Carriage? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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