World of Hyatt has seen a number of refreshing and positive changes in the last 2 years, and is on our top 3 hotel programs for points redemptions in UAE and around the world.

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Hyatt has announced a huge list of category changes for 2019. The new category changes are effective from 18th March 2019. Around 130 hotels are going up and the same number are coming down a category.

Let’s review World of Hyatt’s award chart for points redemptions:

world of hyatt award chart dubai abu dhabi uae
World of Hyatt Points Redemption Award Chart

5 UAE Hyatt Hotels made the list, while 1 in Saudi Arabia went up one category and 6 Hyatt hotels in India went down one category.

UAE Hyatt Hotels Changing Category in 2019


Abu Dhabi

world of hyatt 2019 category changes dubai abu dhabi uae
World of Hyatt Category Changes in UAE


Overall the changes in UAE are positive since many World of Hyatt hotels are going down one category for points redemption, making Dubai a good redemption for Category 1 hotels. If you have plans to book Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi on points, do so before March 18th to lock in the lower category price.

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