I was traveling from Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH) last week and got a chance to visit 2 airport lounges.

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However, I was traveling with Jet Airways that flies through Terminal 3, and had no lounges listed as part of the Priority Pass / Lounge Buddy networks. I looked up the app, and found 2 lounges listed, but both were located on Terminal 1 at AUH. 

Luckily, Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 are connected through a walkway which takes 10 minutes, and I had 2 hours to hang out and check out the lounges.

The lounges on AUH Terminal 1 were Al Reem Lounge and Al Dhabi Lounge.

I had no intention of visiting both lounges both in the interest of time, and the fact that I was on another terminal. But, when I got done at one lounge, I realized I still had enough time left, and I could easily go lounge hopping (funnily similar to bar hopping, hotel hopping). My lounge hopping didn’t go as I expected though. Read my experiences and reviews of both the lounges.

Al Reem Lounge

al reem lounge abu dhabi auh review
Al Reem Lounge Reception (Image: Abu Dhabi International Airport)

Follow signs for Paid / Premium Lounges from Terminal 3, Al Reem Lounge is located on the right as soon as you enter Terminal 1.

I scanned my access, and entered. For starters, it wasn’t too crowded at 9pm, and I could easily find a desk and settle down.

al reem lounge auh seating review
Al Reem Lounge Seating (Image: Abu Dhabi International Airport)

The lounge does seem smaller but had a more cozier and private feel to it.

The food was served hot and that day, there a good mix of options for dinner:

  • Vegetable Biryani with Raita
  • Chicken Breast in Mushroom Sauce
  • Lamb with Okra
  • Fish Curry
  • Steamed Rice
al reem lounge auh dinner review
Dinner at Al Reem Lounge (Image: Abu Dhabi International Airport)

For drinks, their refrigerator seemed stocked with soda (soft drinks) and water. They also had fresh pineapple juice and detox water.

They had a limited options of deserts ranging from pina cotta to semolina and pudding.

The wifi was listed under Plaza Premium Lounge and was pretty fast compared to the free Airport Wifi.

al reem lounge auh floor review
Al Reem Lounge Area (Image: Abu Dhabi International Airport)

Since, the lounge was relatively smaller, I got done earlier and I didn’t explore much and ended up going to the next lounge – my first ever experience at visiting two lounges back to back.

Al Dhabi Lounge

al dhabi lounge location map auh review terminal 1
Al Dhabi Lounge Location Map (Image: Plaza Premium Lounge)

Located a few steps ahead of Al Reem Lounge, behind Aerotel (an Airport Hotel), and up on the first floor, was Al Dhabi Lounge.

al dhabi lounge auh reception review
Al Dhabi Lounge Reception (Image: Abu Dhabi International Airport)

Al Dhabi Lounge was huge, way bigger than Al Reem Lounge. However, one thing I noticed at checkin, was that they asked for my email address (I wasn’t sure why, but I found out later)

When I entered, there were almost 20 private desks for people who’d like to work. Then there was a smoking room, and an infinity room.

al dhabi lounge auh private workspace seating review
Al Dhabi Lounge Private Desks (Image: Plaza Premium Lounge)

Ahead, was a premium seating area, and then you entered the main area where the food was served and there were many chairs and tables to grab a seat.

al dhabi airport lounge auh seating area review
Al Dhabi Lounge Seating Area (Image: Plaza Premium Lounge)

Since this was so huge, it also felt relatively less crowded.

But here’s the interesting part. I assumed I’d now have a new set of food options to choose from. 

Bummer!! the food was literally exactly the same food as Al Reem Lounge. 

al dhabi airport lounge auh terminal 1 food buffet review
Al Dhabi Lounge Buffet (Image: Plaza Premium Lounge)

There were a few minor exceptions though. They had a pasta in the main course, and a fruit bowl, and Vermicelli Kheer in the dessert. I ended up trying the fruits and Kheer, and it was pretty good.

I then noticed the Wifi password. It was also the same as Al Reem Lounge. Everything is the same between both lounges since they’re both managed by Plaza Premium Lounges.

There were however a few more areas in this lounge. There was a prayer room and massage area (for additional prices).

Right when I was about to leave, I got an email registration notification from Arrture. So Arrture is a loyalty program for Plaza Premium lounges that helps you accumulate rewards points for visits and purchases made within the lounge. Read this detailed post on Plaza Premium Rewards Arrture from Ben/Lucky from One Mile at a Time – Earn Free Lounge Visits with your Free Lounge Visits. If you’re into Plaza Premium Lounges, here’s a good review of the Plaza Premium Lounge at London Heathrow by AminOnMiles.

I registered with Arrture, and will probably use it in my next Plaza Premium Lounge visit to see how it goes.

Have you been to these lounges? What was your experience like? Let us know in the comments

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