Are you a tourist or resident in Dubai or Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)? Do you know the exact last date until when you can stay in Dubai? Would you have to pay overstay fines when you exit? Should you do a visa run to Oman? This article helps you check the validity of your UAE tourist visa or visa on arrival.

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Dubai is home to a millions of tourists every year. Many apply for a tourist visa, but many countries also get visa on arrival (including Indian Citizens with a US Visa or US Green Card or EU Resident Permit – a great post from Live from a Lounge about this)

The question we also often get is, do I have any grace days on my visa? And what is the validity of my Dubai or Abu Dhabi (UAE) tourist visa or visa on arrival.

Thankfully, the UAE Government has an excellent integration of it’s visa and resident services. The Official Portal of the UAE Government (, the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship and the Ministry of Interior has made it easy for you to find out the validity of your UAE Tourist visa or resident status.

So, here’s the best way to find out the exact date until when you can officially stay in Dubai without paying the overstay fines (check out our UAE Overstay Fine Calculator):

In your browser, go to the UAE Government website by clicking here:

The next step is to select “Passport Information” (since, most of you don’t have your file number on hand)

After that, select “Visa” if you’re a visitor or tourist and “Residency”, if you already have your UAE resident visa stamped on your passport.

  • Now enter your correct passport details. All fields are mandatory

Passport Number: (Enter the exact number including any letters)

Passport Expire Date: (Select the exact future date when your passport expires)

Nationality: (Select Nationality from the dropdown, don’t worry about the number associated with the nationality, it’s for internal reference)

The fields will turn green when you’ve entered all valid details.

  • Verify you’re not a robot and click “Search” to search your details
  • Here’s what you should see below:
    • If you’re a tourist, it should show you the exact date when your tourist visa was issued and when it expires.
    • The expiry date is the validity of your UAE Tourist Visa

See screenshot below for an example of a real tourist visa expiring in Jan 2019. Note: This date includes the grace period allowed on your tourist visa or visa on arrival. Note: it is up to the immigration officer at exit to honor the grace period, or you may have to pay for it per day.

  • If you have a valid UAE resident visa, you should see the exact date when your 2 or 3 year resident visa expires in the UAE immigration system.

See the screenshot below of a real UAE residence visa expiring in 2021.

That’s how convenient it is to find out the exact date when your visa or residency is expiring in the United Arab Emirates

In case, you realize that you’re visa is expiring soon, but you have to stay longer, you can do the following to renew your visa:

  1. Renew your Visa on Arrival Online using your international credit card – valid for some countries (Read this before using your international credit card in Dubai and UAE)
  2. Go for a Visa Run to exit and re-enter UAE (valid for some countries). (Read my experience of a Visa Run with GoToursDubai)
  3. Go to an Amer Centre in-person and renew it
  4. Actually fly out and fly back in.
  5. Pay overstay fines (UAE Visa Overstay Fine Calculator)

Let us know in the comments if you found this helpful, or if you have any additional questions about your stay or visa.

Note: ThePointsHabibi is not a qualified immigration or legal counsel. Please consult with accredited lawyers for your specific visa needs.

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