There have been various talks about the Uber-Careem acquisition in the past, but it looks like it may become a reality this week. Uber is also set to go IPO in April 2019, and has picked New York Stock Exchange for the IPO.

Maybe it’s the rush before the IPO, but according to 3 different reasons listed below, Uber may acquire Careem sooner than we know, and the deal could be announced later this week.

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1) Caitlin Davey’s Tweet on 17th March

Caitlin Davey, a freelance journalist and former editorial director at Lovin Dubai tweeted about this on 17th January 2019.

uber Careem acquisition dubai uae

Here is a direct link to the tweet.

2) Careem Employees asked to verify Citizenship

Last week, all Careem employees were asked to verify their Citizenship status and confirm within 24 hours. It couldn’t be more of a co-incidence that Careem HR asked for this information at the same time as the rumors of the acquisition were going around.

3) MENA Bytes Article

And finally the biggest reason, MENA Bytes published an article a few hours ago today (24th March 2019) reporting the deal.

uber Careem acquisition mena bytes dubai uae

Read the full article by MENA Bytes here: Uber set to announce $3.1 billion acquisition of Careem in a cash and stock deal this week: Report


It is exciting to know that the deal is finally happening. But what does it mean for Careem offerings like Careem NOW, Careem Roadside Assistance, Careem Pay and others. Also, what will happen to our Careem Rewards points? Let’s wait and watch.

What do you think of the Uber Careem acquisition? Let us know in the comments.

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