Priority Pass, the premium lounge network has now added Bird Lounge at Pune Airport, Dehradun Airport and Bhubaneswar Airport, to be a part of its network from 15th March 2019.

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What is Priority Pass?

Priority Pass gives you access to over 1200+ premium airport lounges around the world.

Priority Pass memberships typically come in 3 tiers at these costs in US Dollars (as of March 2019)

  • Standard – $99/yr. Member/Guest Visit – $32
  • Standard Plus – $299/yr. 10 free visits, then Member/Guest Visit – $32
  • Prestige – $429/yr. Member unlimited free visits. Guest Visit – $32.
priority pass bird lounge membership prices airport free

There are many credit cards in the US that offer Priority Pass Select Memberships for free visits.

You can read more about Priority Pass at The Points Guy’s post – Everything you need to know about the Priority Pass Program.

The Priority Pass also has a mobile app and can be downloaded on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Priority Pass adds Bird Lounge at 3 Airports in India

On 15th March 2019, Priority Pass added the following 3 lounges in India to its network:

priority pass bird lounge Pune Dehradun Bhubaneswar airport free access

This brings the total count of Priority Pass Lounges in India to 42 (list of all airport lounges in India on Priority Pass).

Bird Lounge Pune Airport

The Bird Lounge was launched at Pune International Airport (PNQ) on 25th January 2019. In February, I published my review of the Bird Lounge at Pune Airport. I secretly hoped that it would soon be a part of the Priority Pass network, and I’m stoked that it now is.


Priority Pass is definitely adding continuous value to its members, and is a huge benefit for frequent flyers across the world. With these new Bird lounges added to Priority Pass, it’ll definitely make it easier to travel from Pune, Dehradun and Bhubaneswar.

What do you think of Priority Pass and Bird Lounges at the airports in Pune, Dehradun and Bhubaneswar? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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