The Phantom of the Opera is the world’s most popular musical. And it’s playing at Dubai Opera from Wednesday, October 16 until Wednesday, November 6, 2019 (an extra week was recently added). EmiratesNBD is offering a 25% off Discount Promo Code until October 5, 2019 for “The Phantom of the Opera” for Gold, Platinum and VIP Tickets.

[Update] The Promo Code is still working as of October 8, 2019.

The Phantom of the Opera Promo Code

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Typically, the tickets range from AED 450 for Gold and AED 850 for VIP on weekdays. And weekend shows are much higher. Here is an overview of the prices:

  • Monday – Wednesday 8pm:
    • Gold – AED 450, Platinum – AED 650, VIP – AED 850
  • Thursday 8pm, Friday 2pm, Saturday 2pm & 8pm:
    • Gold – AED 550, Platinum – AED 750, VIP – AED 950
  • Friday 8pm:
    • Gold – AED 660, Platinum – AED 900, VIP – AED 1140

EmiratesNBD is offering a special 25% off Promo Code “ENBDPOTO” for “The Phantom of the Opera” tickets until October 5, and here’s how the pricing works out.

  • Monday – Wednesday 8pm:
    • Gold – AED 337.50, Platinum – AED 487.50, VIP – AED 637.50
  • Thursday 8pm, Friday 2pm, Saturday 2pm & 8pm:
    • Gold – AED 412.50, Platinum – AED 562.50, VIP – AED 712.50
  • Friday 8pm:
    • Gold – AED 495, Platinum – AED 675, VIP – AED 855

How to Book

the phantom of the opera dubai opera promo code emiratesnbd dubai uae october november 2019 gold vip platinum tickets discount coupon offer thepointshabibi
  1. On your phone, go to, and select “The Phantom of the Opera”.
  2. Select Date and time
  3. Enter the Promo Code “ENBDPOTO” and click Buy Tickets.
  4. Pay with your valid EmiratesNBD Credit card or Debit Card.
  5. Make sure the discounted price is reflected before you buy.

The Phantom of the Opera Dates and Prices With Promo Code

Oct 168PM450337.5650487.5850637.5
Oct 178PM550412.5750562.5950712.5
Oct 182PM550412.5750562.5950712.5
Oct 188PM660495.0900675.01140855.0
Oct 192PM550412.5750562.5950712.5
Oct 198PM550412.5750562.5950712.5
Oct 218PM450337.5650487.5850637.5
Oct 228PM450337.5650487.5850637.5
Oct 238PM450337.5650487.5850637.5
Oct 248PM550412.5750562.5950712.5
Oct 252PM550412.5750562.5950712.5
Oct 258PM660495.0900675.01140855.0
Oct 262PM550412.5750562.5950712.5
Oct 268PM550412.5750562.5950712.5
Oct 288PM450337.5650487.5850637.5
Oct 298PM450337.5650487.5850637.5
Oct 308PM450337.5650487.5850637.5
Oct 318PM550412.5750562.5950712.5
Nov 12PM550412.5750562.5950712.5
Nov 18PM660495.0900675.01140855.0
Nov 22PM550412.5750562.5950712.5
Nov 28PM550412.5750562.5950712.5
Nov 48PM450337.5650487.5850637.5
Nov 58PM450337.5650487.5850637.5
Nov 68PM450337.5650487.5850637.5

Final Thoughts

This is an excellent promo code for someone already planning to buy Gold, Platinum or VIP Tickets. The best priced tickets are still Silver, but no promo code available (yet).

Image Credit: All images are copyright of The Phantom of The Opera and Dubai Opera.

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