Update: This ride package for AED 79 was offered initially when this launched. Careem UAE now has 4 Ride Package options. Also, check out how to save an additional 3% – 4.5% when you buy Careem Packages.

Careem is our go-to ride-hailing app in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Here are the 3 must-do things when you sign up for Careem.

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In the last 3 months, Careem has been awesome at rolling out new features for its users:

  1. Careem launches its own Careem Rewards loyalty program
  2. Careem launches CareemGold – a new elite tier for frequent riders
  3. Careem introduces user ratings in the app
  4. Careem launches Roadside Assistance for car-owners for only AED 100
  5. Careem launches CareemNOW for food delivery

Careem traditionally always had Careem Packages for frequent riders. I’ll write up a post soon as a complete guide to saving with all Careem Packages in UAE.

Careem Package – NEW Rides Option

Careem is now rolling out a new option for some users to buy a package worth AED 79 for 6 rides. The maximum discount per ride would be AED 25. The package is valid only for 14 days.

This Careem Package only works on 4 ride types – Careem Economy, Careem Business, CareemKids, Careem Max.

careem package packages rides dubai Abu Dhabi deal uae
Careem Package – New Rides Package: 6 rides for AED 79

This essentially means you can take 6 rides worth AED 25, for only AED 79. This effectively brings down your per ride cost from AED 25 to AED 13.1. This is really cool, since it’s a saving of almost 48%. (Note: Any charges over AED 25 for that ride will be an additional charge per ride). The other difference between “Rides” and “Kilometer” packages is that, Kilometer packages require a 5 km minimum charge. This makes the Rides option a perfect choice for riders commuting to work and their office is less than 5 miles away.

If you don’t see this option yet in your Careem App Menu, under “Buy A Package”, hang in there. Careem is expected to roll it out to all its users in the upcoming weeks.

This option is also perfect for visitors or tourists who are here for 14 days or less.


I am a frequent Careem user spending over AED 2000 on ridesharing (including Careem and Uber). Any savings options are gladly welcome, and I laud Careem for introducing this flexible option.

What do you think of Careem Packages? Let us know in the comments.

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