Barakat Fresh is the best online delivery service for fresh fruits, vegetables, juices and much more in Dubai. Barakat regularly runs promotions for its users. Barakat has partnered (again) with Dubai’s popular savings Facebook Group “Shop Well For Less UAE” to provide a special promo code for the group members. The last time Barakat offered a 20% discount for SWFL members in March/April 2019.

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Barakat Discount of 15% Exclusively for SWFL members

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For a limited time only, until November 5, 2019, Barakat is offering 20% off their entire store for members of Shop Well for Less (SWFL). SWFL UAE has now hit over 18K members on Facebook in less than 2 years. You’re missing out if you don’t join this Facebook Group in UAE.

Debbie Steedman, the founder of “Shop Well For Less UAE (SWFL)”, and the owner of the popular food blog Geordie Armani announced this discount on Facebook.

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Here’s how you can avail this offer:

  1. Login to Facebook and Join the Facebook Group “Shop Well For Less UAE“.
  2. Sign up / Login to and add items to your cart. Minimum order for Free Delivery is AED 75. Read Barakat’s Delivery Policy here.
  3. At checkout, use code “SWFL15″ for a 15% discount. Valid until November 5, 2019. This code is exclusively for Shop Well for Less members, so make sure you join their Facebook Group.

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SWFL does a great job in offering exclusive discounts with local merchants and vendors, and the Barakat discount tops the list. Again, join SWFL UAE on Facebook, and start saving.

What do you think of this exclusive Barakat Fresh discount for SWFL members? Let us know your thoughts and questions in the comments.

Image Credit: All images are copyright of and SWFL.

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